• A Lighting Brand You Can Trust




  • Date of Establishment
    February 1st, 1955
  • Chairman
    Julie Chou
  • Capital
    NTD 3.98 billion
  • Number of Employees
  • Factories
    HsinChu Factory, HsinYin Factory
  • Stock
    China Electric MFG Corporation was listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange in January, 16th 1990
  • Main Products

            1.Lighting Products: (Office Lighting, Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Specialtylighting etc.)

            2.Green Energy Products: Lithium iron phosphate battery, Solar Energy Products

  • Equipment

    A、TAF certified Goniophotometers testing equipment 
    B、Water and Dust (IP) testing equipment 
    C、Automated production line for ballasts
    D、Automated High-speed production line for Fluorescent Lamps
    E、DQ automated and computer assisted production line
    F、20W41 automated processing of metal sheets capable of producing one luminaire housing every 9 seconds with maximum daily supply of 2500  
    G、Laser welding machine which offers a custom welding service according to the customer requirements

    Since the establishment of China Electric (CE) in 1955,  CE has developed a strong set of core values which consists of “Innovation, Quality, Integrity and spirit of humanity”. From 1962, CE uses TOA lighting as its brand name in the domestic market.  Over the past half-century, CE has earned numerous certifications for the superior quality of its products and become the number one brand in Taiwan’s lighting industry. This enables CE to form a strategic partnership with some of the world’s leading lighting companies.